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Sisal Cat Scratcher – Catist David


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Elevate Your Home with Our Artistic Sisal Cat Scratcher! 

Transform any room into a vibrant gallery with our Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher, inspired by the timeless beauty of classic art and our muse cat. This unique piece doubles as functional wall art and a practical cat scratching solution.



  • Durable Cat Scratcher: Crafted from premium sisal, our art scratcher withstands the most vigorous cat scratching, ensuring longevity.
  • Elegant Wall Art: Infuse any space with a touch of art decor. Ideal for art enthusiasts and those who appreciate sophisticated home accents, it serves as both functional pet care and elegant set wall art.
  • Easy Installation: Quickly mount this sisal cat scratcher on any wall or smooth surfaces to save floor space while enhancing your decor. Its stable design provides a safe and enticing scratching area for your cat.


Materials: Sisal scratching board with Polystyrene frame.

Dimensions: H16.5″ X W11.5″

Weight: 2 lb appox.

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